Searchsearches and displays the corresponding records by selecting the appropriate selection criteria and entering the seach term.
Searchin addition, more selection criteria can be entered simultaneously, to specify the method of searching for the term (all words, phrases, etc.), and to choose any additional constraints (limits) at the same time.

Search history stores the entered search query for the time that the application is running. A search according to the given criteria will be carried out by clicking on the appropriate query.


Searching is set up in the library catalog of documents as default. If the library has other local or external sources(databases) defined as well, it is possible to choose a relevant source for searching from a selection.

Record detail

In the detail display of the record it is possible to Search for related records (clickable terms and zoom tools) Position / book document Find, share the record on social networks, Send to email, Evaluate.


If at least one exemplar is available for loan, a button for document request (borrowing), alternatively for its reservation, will be be displayed.


Certain operations require login.
If the user has forgotten the password, a Forgotten Passwordmenu is available, which will send instructions for reseting the password to user's e-mail.
The menu Change password enables the logged in reader to change their password.
Repeated incorrect input of login data will temporarily block access to the account.

Reader's account

Readers account displays the current loans, reservations, requests and so on.
The history of all of these transactions is displayed in the related menu History.