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  • Person/creature


    Real and fictional persons, named creatures and animals. More information

  • Family


    Families, family branches, fictional families. More information

  • Corporate body

    Corporate body

    Named real or fictional organizations and groups of persons or organizations acting under their name. More information

  • Work


    Artifacts/products of intentional human activity. Literary works, art works, treaties, laws, standards, awards, products, trademarks, social games, projects, named buildings, structures and lines, hydraulic structures. More information

  • Geographical object

    Geographical object

    Names of states, administrative units, administratively recognized natural areas (e.g. reserves), named parts of nature and Universe. More information

  • Event


    Organized events, armed conflicts, folk customs, important days and holidays, named temporary natural phenomena (e.g. storms). More information

  • General concept

    General concept

    Unnamed objects (e.g. tables, meat), activities (e.g. painting, writing), attributes (e.g. stability, cleverness), categories of persons and corporate bodies (e.g. teachers, schools), abstract entities (e.g. love, homeland). More information